CO 4: At the end of the course, the students will be able to,

  •  Define concepts, scope, principles and historical development of Community health and community health nursing.
  •  Describe health plans, policies, various health committees and health problems in India.
  •  Describe the system of delivery of community health services in rural and urban areas, list the functions of various levels and their staffing pattern, explain the components of health services, describe alternative systems of health promotion and health maintenance, and describe the chain of referral system.
  •  Describe Community Health Nursing approaches and concepts, describe the roles and responsibilities of community health nursing personnel.
  •  Describe and appreciate the activities of community health nurse in assisting individuals and groups to promote and maintain their health.
  •  Describe National Heath and family welfare programmes and role of a nurse; describe the various health schemes in India.
  •  Explain the roles and functions of various National and International health agencies.

CO 4 :  . at the end of the course, the students will be able to,

  •  Describe the concept research, terms, need and areas of research in nursing; explain the steps of research process.
  •  Identify and state the research problem and objectives.
  •  Review the related literature.
  •  Describe the research approaches and designs.
  •  Explain the sampling process; describe the methods of data collection.
  •  Analyze, interpret and summarize the research data.
  •  Explain the use of statistics, scales of measurement and graphical presentation of data; describes the measures of central tendency and variability and methods of correlation