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Dr.Shankarrao Raghunath Rakh
Dr. Krishnatai Shankarrao Rakh


Shri Rajendra Raosaheb Rakh
President of Vasantrao Naik College of Nursing.

In the last 2 decades the nursing education in India has undergone metamorphic change both theoretically and technically. We in this college follow the concept of mentoring, in addition to the teaching and coaching.

This college works not only as a knowledge transformation center but also works towards enlightening, enabling and empow­ering the tomorrow’s nurses who care and share for others. We train our students to give “Strength for the Weak, Flexibility for the Rigid, and Mobility for Static”.

Today, there is a huge demand for qualified nursing students’ world over and Indian students excel over others on account of the inherent caring attitude in them. Discipline, Divinity and Diligence are also taught in our college to make our students as outstanding personals in their career.

We also help in placements for our students in leading hospitals on account of our rapport and reputation.

The track record of our past students in academics and service placements speak for our caliber and credibility.