Aforementioned backup was reprinted when you look at the Holloway and you may Black’s, After English Broadside Ballads , p

Aforementioned backup was reprinted when you look at the Holloway and you may Black’s, After English Broadside Ballads , p

Its Scots tune is apparently first-found in book step 3 out-of Walsh’s Caledonian Nation Dances , c 1740, once the “The primary of the Cellar

Become whatever you roving blades, that ramble from Area, Kissing fairly Maids, listen to my personal ditty, Aside go out is on its way for the, whenever we would-be merry, Cat, Poll, and you may Nan, will give you Sack and you may Sherry. Hi to have Bobbin Joan, Hi having Stoney Batter, Keep Partner home usually I am during the her. Discover Bridget, Peg, and Nell, having Nancy, Toy, & Susan, So you're able to excite the sweethearts better, sometimes will go an effective boozing, But when their cash is finished, they hunt for good Cully, And offer their splinters home, on the precious Bully. Hello to own Bobbin Joan, Hi to have Stony Batter, etc. During the summer Lasses go, with the Industries an excellent Maying, Thro' the newest Meadows gay, with their Sweethearts to play, Its smiling successful indicates, shewe having video game its ready, Tho' Jenny whines nay, I will not F--k getting an excellent shilling. Hello to possess Bobbin Joan, Hello having Stony Batter, etcetera. Wade you smart Knave, no longer regarding coax neither wheedle, From the people Keys within my Sleve, I will prick your using my needle, Just what will you still end up being committed, Mammy call compared to that People, To have shame my personal hand never hold, We guarantee my personal inhale is moved. Hey for Bobbin Joan, Hello to have Stony Batter, an such like. There is Joan a buxom Lass, confronted by lusty Johnny, They went along to simply take a glass, he call'd her precious and you can honey, She said your silly Clown, get me personally all over center, Gamble me personally Bobbin Joan, usually I am going to crack your fiddle. Hello getting Bobbin Joan, Hey to possess Stony Batter, an such like. He softly put their particular off, and then he pull'd away his scraper, The guy play'd her instance a song, and therefore generated her fart and caper; She said my dearest John, your such as an effective Jolly rover, My personal cloak and you may outfit I'll pawn, that you ought to n'er render over. Hi to possess Bobbin Joan, Hey for Stony Batter, etce why don't we simply take an excellent roam, as much as Stony Batter, Maintain your Spouse yourself, for humpers could well be at the her, Hey to own desserts and you will draught beer, Hello to possess rather misses, Which can never falter, having so you can top our wishes. Hello getting Bobbin Joan, Hi to have Stony Batter, Maintain your Partner at your home usually I'll end their own water, Is your apples ready, are they complement plucking, Will be your housemaid inside, in a position towards the F--king.

It competitive Irish ditty, devote the fresh new Stony Batter quarter out-of Dublin, is within the Roxburghe collection regarding United kingdom Library, while the Madden collection in the Cambridge. 223, 1975. The new date is extremely not sure, the brand new Roxburghe range copy is probable a little sooner than 1775.

The latest tune was applied to have “Robin shure within the hairst” [hence originally had it individual song, that be located] in the Scot Audio Art gallery , #543, and “Cam ye o’er frae France

This new track is not called, it is however that written in Irish and you may Scots tunes collections once the “Bob and you may Joan,” “Bobin John,” an such like. You’ll find about 7 English music with the song, among that’s a good parody of one’s fresh. Only one of one’s English sounds needs the new tune as the “Stony Batter,” the rest, “Bob and Joan” otherwise some type inside it. ” It’s very one of several songs during the a beneficial Scottish moving song Slavic damГ¤ktenskap byrГҐ MS out-of 1740, published by David More youthful, and then on the Bodleian Library, Oxford. ” New song try “Key off ye Supplier” inside British Lib. MS Addl. 23971 and “The fresh Celler door key” regarding Vickers MS, c 1772 (#377 on the Great North Track Publication , 1987).